Meeting 2nd April 2012: Linux Based PBX system with Asterisk & FreePBX

Topic: Linux Based PBX
Host: Jon Archer

Created a demo environment to simulate a PBX with multiple lines (1001, 1002 etc) also connecting to a second PBX to provision a DDI number (01234567890) and allow incoming and outgoing calls from internal extensions to standard numbers.
After a short while of wrestling with ssh/dns(or the lack of) a demonstration of the FreePBX web console was given, showing how extensions are created, trunks added, and various rules as to where calls to to/from.

Most folks managed to get a SIP client running on laptops and mobile phones and were successfully able to call one another. Groups and Queues were demonstrated by making calls from the mock external numbers and making various combinations of internal numbers calling.

Other features shown included voicemail, reporting and the underlying Asterisk config files.

Present: Martin Knowles, Ben Steven, Peter Mitchell, Peter McConville, Peter Obadipe, Tim Gibbon, Jon Archer, Stuart Howard.

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