Project: TVHeadend

This process will install and setup the tvheadend software, a PVR type system which allows DVB signals to be translated into IPTV streams, these can then be used in applications such as VLC or XBMC.

1) make sure you have the development tools installed on your system

RPM: yum groupinstall “Development Tools”

deb: apt-get install build-essential

Suse: zypper install –type pattern devel_basis

2) download the code:

tar xvf tvheadend-3.2.18.tar.gz

git clone
3) cd tvheadend-3.2.18 or cd tvheadend (depending whether you cloned or untarred)

4) ./configure

this will complain if there are any dependencies not met

5) make

6) make install

7) run the command
/usr/local/bin/tvheadend -f -C
8) open a browser and point it to


replacing IP.ADDRESS with the hostname or ip of your pc/server you just ran the command on

9) Click on the configuration tab

you will be asked to select your language, do so

10) click on the TV Adapters tab and select your TV tuner from the drop down list

11) click the button “Add DVB Network by location” and select United Kingdom > WinterHill (if thats your mast of choice)

12) click on the multiplexes tab and notice you have a series of multiplexes – it will now tune the channels associated with these multiplexes.

13) while this is running we’ll setup the EPG grabber, in the configuration tab, select the EPG grabber sub-tab.

under the over-the-air grabbers section tick/untick the relevant boxes (UK Freeview & EIT should be enough)

tick the 3 boxes under general config (update channel name/number/icon)

click save.

14) back to tv adapters tab, under the services tab you should now see a good list of channels, go back to the general tab and click “map DVB services to channels” button.

15) your channels should now appear under the Electronic program guide main tab.

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