Meeting: 24th February 2014 – Pi Tastic

As nothing had been planned, it was decided to have a Pi based meet.

Martin updated the progress on his Skynet robotics

Tim showed us his Minecraft scripts – TNT floors! He also attempted a demonstration of the ball drop experiment, but unfortunately this wasn’t prepared beforehand so was missing some libraries.

Jon showed the Pi based 3G router he had developed, and an early(?) version of Badger cam.

Nice to see Michael again too!


Collection of links from tonight – From Tim.

Dave Jones (@waveform80) Pure Python Picamera.

My implementation of the motion detection for Dave’s module:
Use instead of
Python Minecraft for Stu’s kids:
Scripts are in scripts in that repo.
There is a guy called Craig Richardson who is writing the definitive book on PythonPiMinecraft:
I’ve seen an updated copy. It’s really close and very beautiful. It’s going to rock a lot of kids worlds when it’s out. We will have a nation of Python powered kids before you know it.
Schrodingers cat. You naysayers. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT IN FULLSCREEN ‘mkay:
Sorry that my gravity experiment was a disaster. It’ll be allright on the night as they say:

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