Jon Archer

Project: TVHeadend

This process will install and setup the tvheadend software, a PVR type system which allows DVB signals to be translated into IPTV streams, these can then be used in applications such as VLC or XBMC.

Meeting: 25th November 2012 – Virtualisation 1

Topic: Virtualisation from the Ground Up Host: Jon A An introduction to virtualisation What is Virtualisation? Multiple instances of different operating systems running on the same piece of hardware. Traditional environment – multitude of tin. Virtual environment – minimal tin. Power savings etc. How does it work Hardware virtualisation instruction […]

Meeting: 9th July – MAME

Topic: MAME Host: Pete Mitchell & Jon Archer At this meet Pete Mitchell brought along his iPac board and joysticks to connect up to a PC which Jon A had installed a minimal Fedora with XFCE. The install automatically logged in and launched WahCade! a front end for the mame […]