Meeting: 14th January – Roll your own Distro

Rolling your own* distro *Debian based This talk discusses the Why and How of creating your very own Linux distribution. The start of the talk discusses the methods and the end of the talk shows the nuts and bolts of creating (baking) a fully customised distribution. Why roll your own? […]

Meeting: 25th November 2012 – Virtualisation 1

Topic: Virtualisation from the Ground Up Host: Jon A An introduction to virtualisation What is Virtualisation? Multiple instances of different operating systems running on the same piece of hardware. Traditional environment – multitude of tin. Virtual environment – minimal tin. Power savings etc. How does it work Hardware virtualisation instruction […]

Meeting: 10th September 2012 – Linux RAID

Topic: Home Server Part 1 – Linux RAID, NFS & Samba Host: Tim Gibbon Protecting your data using RAID1 on a root filesystem and sharing it using NFS and Samba RAID introduction: The aim of this talk is to demonstrate Software RAID 1 (mdadm) under GNU/Linux and how easy protecting important data can be. […]